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A Quick Outline Of Our Specialised Stone Floor Restoration Services In Herefordshire

Marble Polishing Hereford

Marble Polishing Hereford

The original shine on marble will gradually loose its finish. Scratching and etch damage build up and dull the initial polish. Marble Polishing is your only way to bring back the original finish.

We use diamond polishing machinery to reinstate the initial luster.

If your floor happens to be put down leaving not level tiles, this is certainly known as lippage. The only way to make a marble tile floor perfectly flat is by grinding away the lippage and uneven tile edges. You require specialist apparatus and several years of hands on experience to successfully grind a marble floor, but the final results are fantastic.

Following grinding, the marble and the grout are at the exact same level. The marble floor looks "monolithic", appearing to be manufactured from a single area of stone.

It is much easier to mop a smooth, sleek floor than a jagged floor. A smooth surface floor won't have grout depessions to capture grime. Chips and cracks can be filled with colour matched resin fillers. We will advise the right restoration service.

Find out about our Marble Polishing Hereford work in addition to our entire professional cleaning  solutions or Book a Quote.

Travertine Cleaning Leominster

Travertine Cleaning Leominster

A Travertine floor is characterised by its honeycomb structure, with a lot of holes. There are very different forms of Travertine floor tiles, including polished, honed and tumbled. As time passes, the initial hole filler comes away, then the holes get filled with ugly soil.

Working to the highest standard, restoration firms use rotary scrubbing equipment and pressurised rinsing to completely clean the Travertine floor.

After cleaning, the Travertine floor can be re-grouted to refill any exposed holes. We then apply a long lasting sealer which also makes the Travertine floormuch simpler to clean.

Find out moreabout our Travertine cleaning Leominster service plus our wide-ranging stone floor cleaning service or get a free Quote->>

Limestone Cleaning Ross-on-Wye

Limestone Cleaning Ross-on-Wye

In the long run, Limestone will end up dull and loose its shine. Scratching and etch marks build and remove the initial finish. Limestone Polishing is the only way to revive the finish. We use diamond polishing machinery to revive the original shine.

If your floor has been put down with jagged tiles, this is referred to as lippage. We can grind away the irregular edges of the tiles, making the tile surface smooth. That is an involved process nevertheless the results are gorgeous. The Limestone floor will get a monolithic appearance as an individual piece of stone.

After grinding, the tiles and the grout are at the same level. It is easier to maintain a smooth, sleek floor than a bumpy floor. Also, soil doesn't get stuck into the grout lines. Chips, cracks and hole repairs in many cases are an element of the Limestone restoration procedure. The particular restoration needed will be decided by the current state of your Limestone floor.

Get more informationabout our Limestone cleaning Ross-on-Wye work and our wide-ranging stone floor cleaning restoration solutions or Book your free Quote->>

Terrazzo Polishing Ledbury

Terazzo Polishing Ledbury

Terrazzo has been used for many thousands of years as a flooring Terrazzo ultimately loses the original finish. The surface damage is brought on by traffic scratches and surface damage.

Terrazzo Polishing is definitely the only way to bring back the original finish to the highest standard. Diamonds are used to remove the surface damage and restore the original Terrazzo shine. We can help avoid this soil using Terrazzo sealers.

Learn moreabout our Terrazzo Polishing Ledbury service and our extensive stone floor cleaning restoration systems or get a free Quote

Granite Polishing Bromyard

Granite Polishing Bromyard

You can find granite in lots of domestic homes and buildings. Granite is a tremendously hard stone flooring and extremely resistant to damage from scratching and stains compared to other stone like marble and limestone. Granite requires less frequent specialized maintaining when compared with other stone.

Granite is so hard, that lots of companies do not have the apparatus or experience to revive granite. We offer the full selection of Granite polishing and restoration services. to the highest standard.

Find out moreabout our Granite polishing Credenhill service and our wide-ranging stone floor cleaning restoration options or Book a Quote

Sandstone Cleaning And Sealing Kington

Sandstone Cleaning Kington

Sandstone floor tiles also come in several different shades of brown, red, yellow and cream. Whilst sandstone is sturdy it is porous, so cleaning slurry gets trapped within the surface and it is tough to remove.

There is specialist scrubbing and rinsing equipment to eliminate the soil and old sealers, restoring the original sandstone finish Right after cleaning we put on hard-wearing sealers. The particular restoration needed will be dependant on the healthiness of your floor.

Find out more about our Sandstone cleaning Kington services and also our extensive stone floor cleaning  services or Book a Quote

Slate Cleaning And Sealing Credenhill

Slate Cleaning Credenhill

Slate flooring is one of the most well known kinds of natural stone, since it calls for less maintenance and cleaning. Slate floors need regular sealing to prevent soil and spills marking the appearance.

We use a mix of machine scrubbing and hand scrubbing to eliminate all traces of previous soiled sealers and clean the slate. When our professional cleaning is complete, then use professional sealers that last for many years not months.

If you prefer a smooth finish, we are able to grind the floor, but we must gauge the slate before grinding.

Get more information about our Slate cleaning and sealing Credenhill service in addition to our comprehensive stone cleaning  service or Book a Quote

Terracotta Cleaning And Sealing Lugwardine

Terracotta Cleaning Lugwardine

Terracotta offers a unique colour and a rustic feel in the home, but really needs careful maintenance in order to keep it looking its best.

Terracotta is extremely porous so it's important to protect it with some protective seal.

Cleaning terracotta tiles commences with removing the old polish, sealers and ingrained soil with professional sealer removers and cleaning chemicals.

We can re-seal the Terracotta with a genuine beeswax finish or a durable synthetic sealer.

Find out moreabout our Terracotta cleaning and sealing Lugwardine work and also our wide-ranging stone cleaning  service or Book a Quote

Victorian Minton Tiles Cleaning And Sealing Kingstone

Victorian Minton Tiles Cleaning Kingstone

Victorian Clay Tiles are found in a lot of Victorian and Edwardian hallways.

Victorian tiles are made from natural clay and have a normal non-shiny finish.

Many of these floors were sealed and then covered up with carpet or lino.

The primary issues with victorian floor tiles is removing decades of polished, oils, dirt, waxes and grime without doing damage to the tiles.

After cleaning, the initial colours in the tiles can look washed-out, therefore we apply a colour intensifying impregnating sealer to restore the original depth of colour. The mat finish could be polished by applying a wax or topical sealer.

Get more informationabout our Victorian Minton Tiles cleaning and sealing Kingstone service plus our extensive professional cleaningoptions or Book a Quote

Cleaning Quarry Tiles Withington

Cleaning Quarry Tiles Withington

Quarry tile floors were once a proud feature in terraced houses and farmhouses in the country, but some of these floors have since fallen into different states of repair.

One universal problem is worn out layers of sealer that need to be removed.

A specialist clean and reseal can be enough to restore a quarry tile floor. Once the quarry tiles are cleaned they should be sealed to provide years of life.

Learn moreabout our Quarry Tiles cleaning Withington  floor restoration service along with our extensive professional cleaning solutions or Book a Quote

Porcelain Tiles Cleaning And Polishing Weobley

Porcelain Tiles Cleaning Weobley

Porcelain is starting to become an extremely desirable option to standard ceramic tiles and natural stone.

Quality Porcelain has very low porosity, which means less stains, less water damage, and less need to be sealed.

Inferior porcelain has tiny holes that may absorb soil just like natural stone floors. It could be hard to remove this soil.

We possess the experience and equipment to eliminate this hard to reach soil.

Our Porcelain sealers will help stop further soil problems.

If the porcelain is a solid colour, we could resurface the porcelain, exactly like granite or marble restoration.

Find out more about our Porcelain Tiles Cleaning Weobley floor restoration work plus our wide-ranging professional cleaning solutions or Book a Quote.

Ceramic Tile And Grout Cleaning Service Clehonger

Ceramic Tiles And Grout Cleaning Clehonger

Professional cleaning of Ceramic tile floors is usually less involved compared to stone floors cleaning..

This happens because the top of the tile is usually glazed.

Specialized tile and stone cleaning and restoration services will still give you better results.

A specialized sealer will be put on after the the cleaning process. Care is much easier by having a sealed tile floor, additionally the sealer prevents spills becoming stains.

Read more about our Ceramic Tile And Grout Cleaning Weobley cleaning method along with our substantial professional stone floor cleaning treatments or Book a Quote employing a company that works at the highest standard in stone and tile.

Stone Restoration And Cleaning. Ewyas Harold

Natural stone cleaning often calls for further restoration services. Restoring stone and tile floors normally involves numerous methods. At the least, all stone floors endure some type of generic deterioration. In most cases, dirt, spillages and traffic marks ruin the floor finish, hence the significance of stone restoration. Highly polished marble tiles and granite floors show up wear and tear very easily, as minute traffic scuff marks on the stone finish dull the sparkle and hold soil. Wear damage eventually has an effect on porous stones which include Terracotta, Sandstone, Travertine and Limestone, which are most often coated with a surface sealer.

Grout is usually probably the most sensitive section of a stone floor installation. Dirty grout is a very common problem to be fixed on natural stone and tile floors. Natural stone restoration usually includes some crack and hole repairs.

Resurfacing takes away surface damage from etch spills and surface scratching.The good thing about natural stone is that it can be re-surfaced, to reveal a new fresh finish.

Stone And Tile Polishing

With time your natural stone can appear lifeless and loose its luster and shine. Scratches and acid etching spots accumulation and removing the initial shine. Stone polishing will be the only way to recover the original polish.

We use the highest standard diamond stone polishing machines to reinstate the shine on Granite, Terrazzo, Polished Limestone and Polished Travertine floor tiles. Gloss sealers produce the shine on Honed Limestone, Sandstone, Slate, Clay & Honed Travertine tiles. The old, dull surface sealer is removed and a unique gloss sealer is used to generate the high shine.

Stone Floor Cleaning Herefordshire
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Local Information

Herefordshire is a county in the West Midlands of England, governed by Herefordshire Council .

It is bordered by Shropshire to the north, Worcestershire to the east, Gloucestershire to the south-east, and the Welsh counties of Monmouthshire and Powys to the west .

Some definitions of the West Country also include Herefordshire .

Hereford is a cathedral city and is the county town; with a population of approximately 55,800 inhabitants it is also the largest settlement .

Situated in the historic Welsh Marches, Herefordshire is one of the most rural and sparsely populated counties in England, with a population density of 82/km2 212/sq mi, and a 2017 population of 191,000 – the fourth-smallest of any ceremonial county in England .

The land use is mostly agricultural and the county is well known for its fruit and cider production, and for the Hereford cattle breed .

Examples of Stone Floor Restoration Projects

Can You Get Your Tumbled Travertine This Clean – Check Out This Hemel Hempstead Project

tumbled travertine restoration hemel hempstead hertfordshire

Town: Hemel Hempstead
Stone: Tumbled Travertine
Days: 3

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This Tumbled Travertine floor had lots of soil-filled holes. I deep cleaned and pressure-rinsed the floor. I grout filled all the tiles to stop them from filling with soil. After removing the excess grout, I sealed the floor with several coats of Travertine sealer.

Tumbled Travertine Cleeaned And Restored

stone floor

This Tumbled Travertine floor was very dirty. The natural holes in the Travertine had also filled with soil. I deep cleaned the floor with a rotary scrubbing machine ant Travertine cleaners. Then I pressure rinsed the tiles to remove more ingrained soil from the holes. The floor was laid on sand and ash, so I applied an impregnating sealer that allows moisture to pass through natural stone.

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Cleaning, Grout Filling And Sealing A Tumbled Limestone Floor

stone floor

This Limestone floor looked dull, dirty, and uninviting. Ingrained surface soil made the Limestone look dull. There was plenty of soil in the grout and the holes

I started by removing the surface soil with a rotary scrubbing machine and Limestone cleaners. I rinsed the slurry with my powerful wet vacuum. I repeated the scrubbing until the scrubbing had removed all the soil it could.

The scrubbing machine could not reach the impacted soil in the holes in the tiles and the grout. I removed the impacted soil by pressure rinsing the floor with my “Rinse and Capture” equipment.

I filled the holes in the Limestone tiles with a Jasmine colour grout. The grout work is qu…Read More

Polising A Beautiful Marble Floor

stone floor

Marble floor Polishing London

The Arabescatto marble floor is around 25 years old and I was asked to quote to polish the marble floor to a high shine.

I started by grinding the floor with using a heavy marble grinding machine and 30 grit metal sintered diamond tooling.

I finished the grinding process by using 90 grit metal sintered diamond tooling to remove the deep scratch marks made by the 30 grit diamond tooling.

I then switched to resin diamonds, honing and polishing the floor to a 3,000 grit finish.

Finally, I used marble polishing powder to give a deep lustrous finish and sealed the marble with a high quality sealer.

My cli…Read More

Travertine Cleaning And Sealing Project

stone floor

This Travertine floor had worn well. However, the finish had dulled through etch marks and soil build-up in the grout.

I deep cleaned the floor with a rotary scrubbing machine and Travertine cleaners. After cleaning, I noticed a few collapsed holes. I filled the holes with a colour matched grout.

Finally, I applied a high-sheen, film-forming sealer.

The client was delighted with their clean Travertine floor.

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