The Best Sandstone Cleaning Service In Leek Staffordshire – Abbey Floor Care

The Best Sandstone Cleaning Service In Leek Staffordshire – Abbey Floor Care

This Indian Sandstone cleaning Leek project arose after a restaurant in Leek, Staffordshire was searching online for advice about cleaning a sandstone floor in their bar area.

sandstone cleaning leek staffordshire - dirty floor

They came across our Sandstone restoration service and asked for help with cleaning the Sandstone tile floor.

They had cleaned the floor many times using a large steam cleaner. However, the results were less than satisfactory as there was a lot of residual ingrained soil.

They had tried vacuuming off the dirty slurry, but they could not get all the dirt off the floor.

I explained that the problem with steam cleaning was the lack of a detergent to break the soils away from the stone and no way of rinsing the dirty slurry off the floor.

The best way to remove ingrained soil in Sandstone is by using powerful detergents to emulsify the deep-rooted soils and fats, followed by pressurised rinse water to carry away the emulsified soil.

With this information, they decided to hire our sandstone cleaning services to clean the floor.

Sandstone Cleaning Leek Project – Deep Cleaning

I started the restoration work by applying a Heavy Duty Sandstone Cleaning Solution.
letting a heavy duty sandstone cleaning chemical emulsify ingrained soil
The cleaner was left on the floor for around 20 minutes to soak into the surface of the tiles.

scrubbing heavy duty cleaner into a sandstone floor

A rotary scrubbing machine scrubbed the chemical into the stone, lifting the soils away from the pores in the surface of the sandstone tiles.

Sandstone Cleaning Pressure Rinsing

I used pressurised water, rinse and capture equipment to remove the slurry and embedded soils from the stone.

pressurised rinsing sandstone floor to remove emulsified soil

The client was very impressed with the results and commented that they had never been able to get the floor as clean before.

beautiful clean sandstone floor in leek staffordshire

I advise the client of the importance of sandstone sealing to protect the floor from water and oil spills. However, they declined this service.

If you are looking to clean a soiled sandstone floor, contact us now for a free, no-obligation Sandstone restoration quotation. You will be delighted with the results.