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A Quick Review Of Our Professional Stone Floor Cleaning Services In Hertfordshire

Marble Polishing Watford

Marble Polishing Watford

The original surface on marble tiles will slowly loose its finish. The dullness is due to tiny scratching on the surface of the stone where it's been walked over. Marble Polishing is the only way to restore the initial polish.

We use diamond polishing equipment to revive the surface.

If the tiles are not even, perfectly even this problem is known as "lippage". A marble tile floor is smoothed by grinding off the lippage and uneven edges of the tiles. Marble grinding is a professional process, giving fantastic results.

Following grinding, the marble and grout are at the same level. The marble floor will get the appearance of appearing as a single area of marble.

After grinding and polishing marble maintenance is a piece of cake, because the mop slides over the floor. Also, soil does not get stuck into the grout lines. Chips, cracks and hole repairs are often an element of the restoration service. Once we have assessed your marble floor, we can suggest on the best restoration service.

Find out more about our Marble Polishing Watford service plus our entire professional cleaning  options or Book a Quote.

Travertine Cleaning Hemel Hempstead

Travertine Cleaning Hemel Hempstead

Much of the Travertine installed in the UK has a honeycomb framework with a great deal of holes. Travertine floor tilescould be supplied in a number of finishes, including tumbled, honed and polished. The initial hole filler often comes away, allowing the holes to fill with dirt and soil.

Working to the highest standard, Travertine floor restoration businesses use use a variety of machine scrubbing, hand scrubbing and pressure rinsing to remove old sealers and embedded soil.

After cleaning, any open holes on the Travertine floor may be filled with colour matched grout. We then use specialist sealers that continue working for many years to safeguard the Travertine floor.

Find out moreabout our Travertine cleaning Hemel Hempstead services as well as our comprehensive stone floor cleaning work or get a free Quote->>

Limestone Cleaning St Albans

Limestone Cleaning St Albans

An original polish on Limestone will eventually loose its finish. Surface scratches and etch damage pile-up and take off the initial finish. Sooner or later, the Limestone will have to be repolished. We utilise specialist equipment and diamond tooling to polish the Limestone.

If the tiles are not even, even this problem is named "lippage". The only method to make a Limestone floor smooth is by grinding off the lippage and uneven edges of the tiles. Grinding Limestone should be performed by specialists. The Limestone will get a monolithic appearance as an individual area of Limestone.

Following grinding, the Limestone and grout will be at the exact same level. A smooth Limestone floor is much simpler to maintain. There will be no uneven grout lines to trap soil. Hole cracks and chip repairs are often an element of the Limestone restoration work. We can advise the correct restoration process.

Find out moreabout our Limestone cleaning St Albans service in addition to our substantial stone floor cleaning restoration services or Book your free Quote->>

Terrazzo Polishing Welwyn Garden City

Terazzo Polishing Welwyn Garden City

Terrazzo is an attractive yet durable flooring, thus its use as a flooring in supermarkets, airports, commercial and industrial buildings. The initial finish on a Terrazzo floor will steadily go dull. Small scratches and etching builds up and remove the initial finish.

The best way to revive the original finish is by polishing the Terrazzo to the highest standard. Diamonds are used to get rid of the surface damage and restore the initial Terrazzo shine. Our Terrazzo sealers can help minimize further soil issues.

Read moreabout our Terrazzo Polishing Welwyn Garden City service along with our entire stone floor cleaning restoration services or get a free Quote

Granite Polishing Cheshunt

Granite Polishing Cheshunt

Granite is a well known stone flooring for domestic and commercial rooms. Granite is a tremendously hard material, well suited for heavy duty foot traffic areas. Granite Tile resists wear longer when compared with some other natural stones, like limestone or marble.

Granite is so hard, that many companies do not have the equipment or experience to restore granite. Our Company will restore all types of granite. to the highest standard.

Find outabout our Granite polishing Hoddesdon service plus our wide-ranging stone floor cleaning restoration solutions or Book a Quote

Sandstone Cleaning And Sealing Hatfield

Sandstone Cleaning Hatfield

Sandstone is manufactured out of compressed sand, together with different minerals including quartz and feldspar. The voids amongst the sandstone fragments trap soil which can be hard to get rid of.

We have specialist scrubbing and rinsing machinery to eliminate the soil and old coatings, refurbishing the original sandstone appearance We then use specialist sealers that last for years not just months. After inspecting the floor, we will advise the most appropriate Sandstone restoration service.

Learn more about our Sandstone cleaning Hatfield services in addition to our substantial stone floor cleaning  work or Book a Quote

Slate Cleaning And Sealing Hoddesdon

Slate Cleaning Hoddesdon

Slate flooring is among the most well known forms of natural stone, as it requires less routine maintenance and mopping. Riven slate can get a build-up of soil inside the crevices this is certainly difficult to remove.

We use a mixture of machine and hand scrubbing to get rid of all traces of previous dirty sealers and clean the tiles. When the professional cleaning is completed,finally, we use a durable sealer which also makes the floor much easier to clean.

If you prefer a smooth finish, we are able to grind the tiles, but we have to assess the slate before grinding.

Learn more about our Slate cleaning and sealing Hoddesdon work along with our comprehensive stone cleaning  services or Book a Quote

Terracotta Cleaning And Sealing Bishops Stortford

Terracotta Cleaning Bishops Stortford

Terracotta is made of natural clay and historically has been used for roof tiles, sculptures, bricks and floor tiles.

Coarse cleaners such as conventional floor cleaning solutions and bathroom tile cleaners could mark and damage Terracotta.

Sealer deposits, soil and scratches may be removed with rotary scrubbing and sealer removers.

We could wax the Terracotta or employ a hard-wearing synthetic sealer that is much easier to care for.

Get more informationabout our Terracotta cleaning and sealing Bishops Stortford service in addition to our entire stone cleaning  options or Book a Quote

Victorian Minton Tiles Cleaning And Sealing Borehamwood

Victorian Minton Tiles Cleaning Borehamwood

Period Geometric or Encaustic floor tiles are found in Victorian and Edwardian hallways.

The main qualities of Victorian tiles are the natural clay colours and a matt finish.

With the changes in interior decor, these kinds of floors get carpet underlay, lino adhesive, bitumen and additional adhesive remains.

Cleaning these floors can be challenging because of the variety of old sealers and covering residues.

A colour intensifying sealer is put on after cleaning, to displace the initial colours within the tiles. The mat finish could be polished by making use of a wax or topical sealer.

Find out moreabout our Victorian Minton Tiles cleaning and sealing Borehamwood services along with our comprehensive professional cleaningservices or Book a Quote

Cleaning Quarry Tiles Hitchin

Cleaning Quarry Tiles Hitchin

Quarry tile floors were once a proud feature in terraced houses and farmhouses in the country, but some of those floors have since fallen into various states of repair.

Whilst the tiles may seem dirty and discoloured, they’re very robust and can look as good as new after a suitable clean.

We can eliminate the layers of old selaers and soil, providing you with a lovely new finish. After cleaning, the tiles should be finished with a long-lasting sealer.

Get more informationabout our Quarry Tiles cleaning Hitchin  floor restoration service as well as our extensive professional cleaning options or Book a Quote

Porcelain Tiles Cleaning And Polishing Letchworth Garden City

Porcelain Tiles Cleaning Letchworth Garden City

Porcelain is classified as a ceramic, but created with different materials to conventional glazed tiles.

The extra minerals makes Porcelain more robust than standard ceramic tiles.

Some inferior porcelain has tiny holes which will absorb soil just like natural stone floors. It can be difficult to remove this soil.

You need professional machinery and cleaning solutions to get rid of this soil.

After cleaning, we use specialist Porcelain sealers to avoid this problem.

If the porcelain is a solid colour, we are able to resurface the porcelain, just like granite or marble restoration.

Discover more about our Porcelain Tiles Cleaning Letchworth Garden City floor restoration services as well as our comprehensive professional cleaning work or Book a Quote.

Ceramic Tile And Grout Cleaning Service Harpenden

Ceramic Tiles And Grout Cleaning Harpenden

Professional cleaning of Ceramic tiles is commonly less involved when compared to stone floors cleaning..

Normally, the glazed finish frees soils more easily.

Still, you certainly will still achieve a better finish using specialist equipment.

We always use an expert tile sealer after cleaning. A sealed ceramic tile is simpler to mop and a sealer helps reduce staining.

Read more about our Ceramic Tile And Grout Cleaning Letchworth Garden City cleaning method and our substantial professional stone floor cleaning systems or Book a Quote utilizing a business that will work at the highest standard in stone and tile.

Stone Cleaning And Natural Stone Restoration. Hertford

Natural stone cleaning generally requires more restoration services. natural stone floor restoration is often an involved process. All stone floors have problems with wear and surface damage. Traffic deterioration, spillages and surface problems happens on most stone and tile floors, ruining the appearance, making the stone appear flat and ugly, subsequently the need to have stone restoration. Polished floors like granite, marble and terrazzo show surface damage sooner because the shine goes dull from foot traffic scratches. Foot traffic damage sooner or later affects porous stones such as Terracotta Travertine, Sandstone and Limestone, which are usually coated with a surface sealer.

Most stone and tile flooring has grout. Grout is generally softer than stone and much more susceptible to abrasive and chemical wear and tear. Cracks, chips and hole repairs will often be a part of the restoration work.

Resurfacing removes surface damage from etch spills and surface marks.The good thing about natural stone is that it could be re-surfaced, to show a new fresh finish.

Diamond Polishing Stone Tiles

Natural stone floors finally loose their unique authentic gloss. Scratch damage and etch spill marks building up and getting rid of the original finish. Polishing will be the best way to recover a polish.

Our company use the highest standard diamond polishing machinery to re-surface Granite, Terrazzo, Polished Limestone and Polished Travertine floors, and return the original finish. Gloss sealers create the shine on Honed Travertine, Honed Limestone, Sandstone, Slate & Clay tiles. Sealer stripping products are applied to take off all remnants of the old sealer, after which a brand new gloss sealer is applied.

Stone Floor Cleaning Hertfordshire
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Local Information

Hertfordshire ; often abbreviated Herts is one of the home counties in southern England .

It is bordered by Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire to the north, Essex to the east, Greater London to the south, and Buckinghamshire to the west .

For government statistical purposes, it is placed in the East of England region .

The county covers an area of 634 square miles 1,640 km2 .

The county derives its name from a hart stag and a ford, used as the components of the county’s coat of arms and of the flag .

Hertfordshire County Council is based in Hertford, once the main market town .

In 2013, the county population was 1,140,700, with Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage, Watford, and St Albans – the county’s only city – each having between 50,000 and 100,000 residents .

Elevations are higher in the north and west, reaching more than 800 feet 240 m in the Chilterns near Tring .

The county is approximately the drainage divide of the River Lea and the Colne; both flow south, and both are accompanied by a canal .

Hertfordshire’s undeveloped land is mainly agricultural and much is protected by green belt .

Hertfordshire is well-served with motorways and railways, providing good access to London, the Midlands and the North .

The largest sector of the county’s economy is services .

Examples of Stone Floor Restoration Projects

Sandstone Cleaning Codicote Hitchin

sandstone cleaning codicote

Town: Codicote
Stone: Sandstone
Days: 1

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Sandstone tiles are installed in a small kitchen and part hallway in Codicote, which is extremely soiled. I was asked to clean the sandstone tiled floor as is the homeowner felt the floor was not hygienic and so she wanted a clean floor . Soil is not unusual on sandstone, as the surface is very abrasive and traps soils very easily.

Renovating and Sealing A Travertine Floor in Rickmansworth.

travertine cleaning rickmansworth

Town: Rickmandsworth
Stone: Travertine
Days: 2

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This travertine cleaning Rickmansworth project comprised cleaning, grout-filling and sealing a soiled Travertine floor in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.

Cleaning And Sealing Tumbled Travertine Floor In Hemel Hempstead – Abbey Floor Care

Tumbled Travertine Restoration Hemel Hempstead

Town: Hemel Hempstead
Stone: Travertine
Days: 4

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This Tumbled Travertine floor in Hemel Hempstead had cracks, scratch marks, ingrained soil and open holes across the floor. I repaired the cracks with two-part resin. I removed the scratched with diamond honing pads. I deep cleaned and pressure rinsed the Tumbled Travertine. After cleaning, I filled the holes, one tile at a time, with Manhattan 2000 Mapei Grout. I left the floor to dry overnight. I applied two coats of CeeTech Sealer to give the floor an easy-to-clean finish that will last for years.

Slate Floor Cleaning Hitchin Hertforshire

slate cleaning hitchin work

Town: Hitchin
Stone: Slate
Days: 4

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This slate floor cleaning Hitchin project came about because my client was looking for a long term cleaning solution for her slate floor tiles. The tiles were originally sourced from Fired Earth over 15 years ago. My client had regularly cleaned and sealed the tiles with Lithofion Slate Seal. In recent years, cleaning and sealing the slate was becoming more difficult and they were looking for a longer life sealing solution.

Removing Slate Sealer

I started by protecting all painted surfaces because the sealer removed for this kind of sealer will also remove paint and varnish from furnishings.   I applied the sealer remover and left it for around 30 minutes to allow…