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A Quick Explanation Of Our Professional Stone Floor Restoration Services In Lancashire

Marble Polishing Blackpool

Marble Polishing Blackpool

An initial polish on marble tiles will gradually loose its gloss. The dull appearance is brought on by tiny marks on the surface of the tile where it was walked on. Marble Polishing is the only way to revive the initial appearance.

We use industrial diamond polishing machines to restore the finish.

It's almost unachievable to lay a marble floor really flat. The only method to make a marble floor flat is by grinding off the lippage and irregular tile edges. It is a complicated process however the results are beautiful.

Following grinding, the marble will be flush with the grout. The marble floor looks monolithic, appearing to be made from just one slab of marble.

It is much easier to maintain a smooth, sleek marble than a jagged floor. A smooth marble floor doesn't have grout depessions to hold soil. If your marble has cracks and chips, we could repair the damage using resin fillers, colour matched to the marble. Once we inspect your floor, we can suggest on the optimum marble restoration processes.

Learn more about our Marble Polishing Blackpool work including our substantial professional cleaning  options or Book a Quote.

Travertine Cleaning Blackburn

Travertine Cleaning Blackburn

A Travertine floor is distinct with a honeycomb structure, with lots of holes. There will various kinds of Travertine floor tiles, including honed, polished and tumbled. As the travertine wears, the hole filler comes out, and the holes fill with unsightly dirt and soil.

Working to the highest standard, restoration businesses have rotary scrubbing machines and pressurised rinsing to clean the Travertine floor.

When the Travertine floor tiles and any holes are cleaned, any holes are grouted using a colour matched grout. Finally, we use specialist sealers that last for decades to protect the Travertine floor.

Read moreabout our Travertine cleaning Blackburn service as well as our comprehensive stone floor cleaning treatments or get a free Quote->>

Limestone Cleaning Preston

Limestone Cleaning Preston

With time, Limestone will become worn and loose its finish. Scratches and etch damage build up and dull the initial appearance. The best way to restore the finish is by polishing the floor. We use diamonds to eliminate the surface damage and repair the initial finish.

In the event that tiles are not even, perfectly even this condition is known as "lippage". The only method to make a Limestone floor perfectly smooth is by grinding off the lippage and jagged edges of the tiles. Limestone grinding is a professional job, that gives brilliant results. The floor will appear like just one area of stone.

After grinding, the grout sits will sit at the same level as the Limestone tiles. It is less of a challenge to clean a smooth, sleek floor than a bumpy floor. There will be no uneven grout deressions to hold soil. Chips and cracks can be filled with colour matched resin fillers. We can recommend the appropriate Limestone restoration service.

Discover moreabout our Limestone cleaning Preston work plus our entire stone floor cleaning restoration systems or Book your free Quote->>

Terrazzo Polishing Burnley

Terazzo Polishing Burnley

Terrazzo has been used for many thousands of years as a decorative flooring In time, Terrazzo will end up dull and lose its finish. Small scratches and etch marks build up and remove the initial polish.

Ultimately, the Terrazzo will need to be polished to the highest standard. We use diamond polishingequipment to restore the original Terrazzo shine. After cleaning and polishing, we use specialist Terrazzo sealers.

Learn moreabout our Terrazzo Polishing Burnley work including our entire stone floor cleaning restoration treatments or get a free Quote

Granite Polishing Bamber Bridge

Granite Polishing Bamber Bridge

You can find granite in lots homes and buildings. Granite is a tremendously hard stone flooring and very resistant to surface damage from scratches and staining compared to other stone like limestone and marble. Granite requires less frequent specialized service compared to other stone.

Granite is so hard, that many companies don't have the equipment or knowledge to revive it. We offer the full array of Granite restoration and polishing services. to the highest standard.

Learn moreabout our Granite polishing Lytham St Annes work and our substantial stone floor cleaning restoration systems or Book a Quote

Sandstone Cleaning And Sealing Lancaster

Sandstone Cleaning Lancaster

Sandstone floor tiles are offered in several different shades of brown, red, yellow and cream. Sandstone can end up with ingrained soil making it look dull and hard to clean.

We use professional wax removers, rotary scrubbing machines and pressurised rinsing to remove the layers of old sealer Following cleaning we use hard-wearing sealers. After inspecting the tiles, we will advise the best Sandstone restoration service.

Read more about our Sandstone cleaning Lancaster service as well as our extensive stone floor cleaning  systems or Book a Quote

Slate Cleaning And Sealing Lytham St Annes

Slate Cleaning Lytham St Annes

Slate flooring is among the most popular types of natural stone, since it needs less maintenance and cleaning. Slate floors need regular sealing to avoid soil and spills marking the surface.

There are specialist equipment and products to get rid of the soil and old coatings, reviving the initial slate finish. When our professional cleaning is complete , the floor is left to dry, then apply a lasting, easy to clean sealer.

If you've got an appropriate slate, it can be ground smooth, which makes it easier to clean.

Discover more about our Slate cleaning and sealing Lytham St Annes services including our wide-ranging stone cleaning  services or Book a Quote

Terracotta Cleaning And Sealing Leyland

Terracotta Cleaning Leyland

Terracotta is manufactured out of natural clay and has been used throughout history for roof tiles, sculptures, bricks and floor tiles.

Coarse chemicals like popular floor cleaners and bathroom tile cleaners can damage and mark Terracotta.

Cleaning and restoring terracotta tiles begins with getting rid of the existing polish, sealers and embedded dirt with specialised coating removers and cleaning chemicals.

We use a durable sealer for terracotta, and that means you get the most value from your own cleaning.

Read moreabout our Terracotta cleaning and sealing Leyland services and also our comprehensive stone cleaning  systems or Book a Quote

Victorian Minton Tiles Cleaning And Sealing Chorley

Victorian Minton Tiles Cleaning Chorley

Many Victorian and Edwardian hallways may have floors made from Geometric Encaustic tiles.

The tiles have a matt finish and obtain their colour from the clay used in their manufacture.

A good number of these floors have been sealed and then covered up with carpet and lino.

Cleaning these floors can be challenging because of all of the old sealers and covering residues.

After cleaning, the initial colours in the tiles can appear washed-out, so we put on a colour intensifying sealer to replace the initial depth of colour. Topical sealers and waxes will provide the floor a sheen or glossy finish.

Find outabout our Victorian Minton Tiles cleaning and sealing Chorley service in addition to our substantial professional cleaningsystems or Book a Quote

Cleaning Quarry Tiles Accrington

Cleaning Quarry Tiles Accrington

Quarry tiles are very durable but they still suffer with a couple of issues.

One common issue is past layers of sealer that have to be taken off.

As the tiles may appear soiled and discoloured, they’re very resilient and could look just like new after a suitable clean. Quarry tiles are often laid with no damp proof membrane layer, therefore we need to apply just the right sealer to permit the tiles to breathe.

Discover moreabout our Quarry Tiles cleaning Accrington  floor restoration work including our comprehensive professional cleaning solutions or Book a Quote

Porcelain Tiles Cleaning And Polishing Fulwood

Porcelain Tiles Cleaning Fulwood

Porcelain has become an increasingly popular alternative to standard ceramic tiles and natural stone.

The extra minerals helps make Porcelain tougher than standard ceramic tiles.

There are some substandard porcelains that will absorb soil and spills just like natural stone floors. This soil could be tough to remove.

You need specialist machinery and cleaners to eliminate this soil.

After cleaning, we apply specialist Porcelain sealers to stop this problem.

If the porcelain is a solid colour, we can resurface the porcelain, just like granite or marble restoration.

Find out about our Porcelain Tiles Cleaning Fulwood floor restoration services along with our extensive professional cleaning systems or Book a Quote.

Ceramic Tile And Grout Cleaning Service Skelmersdale

Ceramic Tiles And Grout Cleaning Skelmersdale

Professional cleaning of Ceramic floor tiles usually takes a shorter time in comparison to stone floors or clay tiles..

Typically, the glazed polish releases ingrained soil and dirt more easily.

None the less, professional cleaning, specialized cleaning solutions and equipment can give the most effective results.

A specialized sealer is put on following the cleaning. A sealed ceramic tile is simpler to mop and helps avoid stains.

Discover more about our Ceramic Tile And Grout Cleaning Fulwood cleaning method along with our substantial professional stone floor cleaning solutions or Book a Quote employing a company that operates at the highest standard in natural stone.

Stone Restoration And Cleaning. Morecambe

Natural stone floor cleaning very often involves extra restoration services. Natural stone restoration covers a range of services. At the least, all stone and tile endure some form of basic damage. In most cases, dirt, spillages and traffic scrapes harm the floor finish, hence the need to have stone restoration. Highly polished marble and granite floors exhibit wear very easily, as minute traffic scuff marks in the surface change the gloss and capture soil. Permeable natural stone and tile sealed using a film-forming surface sealer will progressively sustain wear damage.

Most stone and tile floors have grout. Being a little bit concave, therefore the grout traps more dirt compared to the stone and tile itself. Holes can be filled and cracks repaired as part of a restoration.

We remove acid etch marks and scratching by resurfacing. Natural stone can be ground to show a brand new stone finish.

Stone Floor Polishing

The initial finish on a natural stone floor is going to progressively go dull. The loss in luster is due to foot traffic scratches and surface deterioration. The only way to restore the initial finish is through polishing the natural stone.

We use the highest standard diamond polishing machines to polish Granite, Terrazzo, Polished Limestone and Polished Travertine floors, and revive the original finish. Honed Limestone, Slate, Honed Travertine, Clay and Sandstone tiles get their polish from a surface sealer. The old, dull surface sealer is removed and a unique gloss film-forming sealer is used to create the high shine.

Stone Floor Cleaning Lancashire
And Throughout The Country

Local Information

Coordinates: 53°48?N 2°36?W? / ?53 .

8°N 2 .

6°WLancashire LANG-k?-sh?r, -?sheer; abbreviated Lancs .

is a ceremonial county and geographical area in North West England .

The ceremonial county’s administrative centre is Preston, while Lancaster is still the county town .

The borders of the ceremonial county were created by the Local Government Act 1972 enacted 1974 and enclose a population of 1,449,300 and an area of 1,189 square miles 3,080 km2 .

However, this is only a small portion of the extent of the historic county palatine, which includes the large cities of Manchester and Liverpool as well as the Furness and Cartmel peninsulas in the Lake District, and has an area of 1,909 square miles 4,940 km2 .

Many of these places still identify strongly with the county, particularly in areas of Greater Manchester such as Oldham and Bury where Lancashire is still used as part of the postal address .

The population of Lancashire in the 1971 census before local government changes was 5,118,405, making it the most heavily populated county in the United Kingdom at the time other than Greater London, which had only been created in 1965 .

The history of Lancashire begins with its founding in the 12th century .

In the Domesday Book of 1086, some of its lands were treated as part of Yorkshire .

The land that lay between the Ribble and Mersey, Inter Ripam et Mersam, was included in the returns for Cheshire .

When its boundaries were established, it bordered Cumberland, Westmorland, Yorkshire, and Cheshire .

Lancashire emerged as a major commercial and industrial region during the Industrial Revolution .

Liverpool and Manchester grew into its largest cities, with economies built around the docks and the cotton mills respectively .

These cities dominated global trade and the birth of modern industrial capitalism .

The county contained several mill towns and the collieries of the Lancashire Coalfield .

By the 1830s, approximately 85% of all cotton manufactured worldwide was processed in Lancashire .

Accrington, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Bury, Chorley, Colne, Darwen, Manchester, Nelson, Oldham, Preston, Rochdale and Wigan were major cotton mill towns during this time .

Blackpool was a centre for tourism for the inhabitants of Lancashire’s mill towns, particularly during wakes week .

The historic county was subject to a significant boundary reform in 1974 which created the current ceremonial county and removed Liverpool and Manchester, and most of their surrounding conurbations to form the metropolitan and ceremonial counties of Merseyside and Greater Manchester .

The detached northern part of Lancashire in the Lake District, including the Furness Peninsula and Cartmel, was merged with Cumberland and Westmorland to form Cumbria .

Lancashire lost 709 square miles of land to other counties, about two fifths of its original area, although it did gain some land from the West Riding of Yorkshire .

Today the ceremonial county borders Cumbria to the north, Greater Manchester and Merseyside to the south, and North and West Yorkshire to the east; with a coastline on the Irish Sea to the west .

The county palatine boundaries remain the same as those of the pre-1974 county with Lancaster serving as the county town, and the Duke of Lancaster i .

e .

the Queen exercising sovereignty rights, including the appointment of lords lieutenant in Greater Manchester and Merseyside .

Examples of Stone Floor Restoration Projects

Restoring A Travertine Floor In Haslingden – Abbey Floor Care

Travertine Restoration Haslingden Abbey Floor Care

Town: Haslingden
Stone: Travertine
Days: 3

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This 15 years old Travertine floor in Haslingden, Rossendale had seen better days. The tiles and grout had ingrained soil. There were lots of collapsed holes across the floor. The holes had filled with soil. My client had tried to keep the floor clean, but over time, her efforts were having less effect. I deep cleaned the Travertine with a rotary scrubbing machine. Then I pressure rinsed the floor to remove ingrained soil from the holes and the grout. I filled the holes, tile by tile, with Mapei Grout. I sealed the floor with several coats of film-forming sealer. The floor now looks clean and beautiful. My client now has a beautiful floor finish that will give years of service.

A Brilliant Marble Floor Polishing Project

stone floor

This marble floor had a dull, scratched finish with severe lippage. I ground the floor smooth. Then honed and polished the floor to a high shine. Finally, applied a high quality impregnating sealer. My client was really happy with the finish and the fact that the floor is now so much easier to clean.

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Travertine Cleaning And Sealing Project

stone floor

This Travertine floor had worn well. However, the finish had dulled through etch marks and soil build-up in the grout.

I deep cleaned the floor with a rotary scrubbing machine and Travertine cleaners. After cleaning, I noticed a few collapsed holes. I filled the holes with a colour matched grout.

Finally, I applied a high-sheen, film-forming sealer.

The client was delighted with their clean Travertine floor.

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stone floor

This slate floor cleaning Hitchin project came about because my client was looking for a long term cleaning solution for her slate floor tiles.

The tiles were originally sourced from Fired Earth over 15 years ago. My client had regularly cleaned and sealed the tiles with Lithofion Slate Seal.

In recent years, cleaning and sealing the slate was becoming more difficult and they were looking for a longer life sealing solution.

Removing Slate Sealer

I started by protecting all painted surfaces because the sealer removed for this kind of sealer will also remove paint and varnish from furnishings.

I applied the sealer remover and left it for around 30 minut…Read More