Slate Floor Cleaning Hitchin Hertforshire

This slate floor cleaning Hitchin project came about because my client was looking for a long term cleaning solution for her slate floor tiles.


The tiles were originally sourced from Fired Earth over 15 years ago. My client had regularly cleaned and sealed the tiles with Lithofion Slate Seal.

In recent years, cleaning and sealing the slate was becoming more difficult and they were looking for a longer life sealing solution.

I can understand how removing the old sealer was difficult because removing Lithofin Slate seal is a lengthy process even with professional equipment.

Cleaning The Slate Tiles

The first job in cleaning the slate tiles was to remove all traces of the old surface sealer.

Removing Slate Sealer

I started by protecting all painted surfaces because the sealer removed for this kind of sealer will also remove paint and varnish from furnishings.

I applied the sealer remover and left it for around 30 minutes to allow the treatment to soften the sealer ready for removal. Rotary scrubbing helped emulsify the softened sealer into a slurry. I vacuumed up the slurry into a wet vacuum.

sealre remover for slate floors

I had to repeat the process four times to remove all traces of the sealer, particularly the thick build-up of sealer in the grout and some parts of the tiles.

Once all of the old sealer was removed, I cleaned the area with an alkaline cleaner to remove all traces of the sealer remover. Then I rinsed the floors with clean water and left the floors overnight to dry ready for sealing.

slate in Hitchin after removing the sealer and cleaning

Sealing Slate Floors

I sealed the slate with 2 coats of CeeTech hybrid sealer.


sealing the slate in Hitchin


The sealer gives the slate a beautiful, long-lasting natural mid-sheen finish.

beautiful sealed slate in hitchin hertfordshire

If you need help with your slate tile floor, please drop me a line, I will be happy to help you.

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